24/6 means we are open for late-night calls and available for late-night deliveries.
CALL US NOW – 908-929-0200
Our Email Distribution:

Please send ALL Alerts & Work Orders to: ops@jvtransportation.com

Please send ALL Outbound Routing info to: routing@jvtransportation.com

Please send ALL Pick-up Requests to: pickup@jvtransportation.com

Please send ALL Billing Inquiries to: billing@jvtransportation.com

Please send ALL Quote Requests to: quote@jvtransportation.com

Please send ALL Claims notices to claims@jvtransportation.com

Our Contact List:
JV Delivers Day Operations (6am-6pm EST) OPTION#1
General Email: ops@jvtransportation.com

Whse Manager: Rolando Reyes

Lead Dispatcher: Michael Feliu – mfeliu@jvtransportation.com (x1008)

Inbound/ Recoveries: Norene Alvarez – nalvarez@jvtransportation.com (x1016)

Inbound/ Recoveries: Latoya Robinson – lrobinson@jvtransportation.com (x1015)

Customer Care/ FCL Specialist: Gloria Tait – g-tait@jvtransportation.com (x1001)

Customer Care Specialist: Yveda Flores – yflores@jvtransportation.com (x1004)

Customer Care/ CFS-FCL Support: Karina Quinones – kquinones@jvtransportation.com (x1003)

Dispatcher: Pedro Franco – pfranco@jvtransportation.com (x1007)

Customer Care/ Line-haul window: Alex Hernandez – ahernandez@jvtransportation.com (x1011)

JV Delivers Night Operations (6pm-6am EST)
Routing: routing@jvtransportation.com

PM Warehouse Manager – Joseph Perez

Ops Manager: Neil Dell’Aquila – ndellaquila@jvtransportation.com

PM Supervisor: Brain Maurer – bmaurer@jvtransportation.com

Line-haul Manager: Anthony Nicotra – anicotra@jvtransportation.com

Outbound Coordinator: Luis Rodriguez – lrodriguez@jvtransportation.com

Outbound Support: Jocelyn Astorga – jastorga@jvtransportation.com

Data Entry/ Customer Care: Michael Gomez – mgomez@jvtransportation.com

Data Entry/ Customer Care:  Shakiil Rubaine – srubaine@jvtransportation.com

JV CFS Operations (8am-8pm EST) OPTION#4
General Email: cfs@jvtransportation.com

CFS Manager: Bruno Littig – blittig@jvtransportation.com (x1031)

CFS Agent: Sergio Segovia – ssegovia@jvtransportation.com (x1013)

CFS Agent: Yamilex Rodriguez – yrodriguez@jvtransportation.com (x1032)

JV Delivers Billing Department (8am-6pm EST) OPTION#2
General Email: billing@jvtransportation.com

Billing Manager: Cheryl Vasquez – cvasquez@jvtransportation.com (x1022)

Billing: Kelly Blozen – kblozen@jvtransportation.com (x1027)

Billing: Denise Ricelli – dsantiago@jvtransportation.com (x1028)

Accounts Receivable/Collections/TSA: Deborah Santana – dsantana@jvtransportation.com (x1024)

JV Delivers Administration (8am-6pm EST) OPTION#3

Ryan Vincent: Systems Mgr/ IS – rvincent@jvtransportation.com – 973-725-0702 (mobile) (x1021)

Nancy Jakub: Controller – njakub@jvtransportation.com (x1020)

Luis Rivera: Safety Coordinator – lrivera@jvtransportation.com; safety@jvtransportation.com (x1019)

Richard Sarcona: Vice President, Sales – rsarcona@jvtransportation.com